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Name:8-inch Cornstarch Clamshell
Item codeHG1-8
Raw materialCornstarch
ColorNatural white

Product Description

  • Biodegradable cornstarch clamshell
    Plant starch, a renewable resource, is the major raw material of PSM where the supply is abundant and the cost is low and stable in China
    A unique and revolutionary ecological material that is degraded into harmless substances such as water and carbon dioxide
    A genuine environmental-friendly product from manufacturing to post-use disposal
    No wastewater, effluent gas or waste residual discharged throughout the manufacturing process
    Excellent product performance properties with water-proof, oil-proof, high melting point, which is superior to those similar products in the domestic market

Product name Biodegradable Cornstarch 8-inch Clamshell
Item code HG1-8"A
Raw material Cornstarch
Item size 8"x8"*3"
Color Natural white
Printing Customized printing
Unit weight 50 gram
Usages For food, meat, vegetables, restaurant,  supermarket, chain store
Packing 50 pieces/bag, 4 bags/carton
Carton size 45x42x22cm
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